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For Review: Consolidated Local Service Plan FY2016-2017 and 2016 Local Provider Network Development Plan
Austin Travis County Integral Care is developing two plans, the FY2016-2017 Consolidated Local Service Plan and the 2016 Local Provider Network Development Plan. Integral Care invites the Travis County community to review and provide feedback to Marietta Noel by February 15, 2016.

Poster Presentation Applications for Central Texas African American Family Support Conference (CTAAFSC)
Are you working on a research project or program about mental health and/or wellness? We invite students, professionals and consumers to submit a poster presentation for the 2016 CTAAFSC Conference. To learn more and submit an application, click here

Construction Manager-at-Risk Request for Proposals (RFP)
A public log is kept of all offerors who submitted proposals in response to the RFP released on October 12, 2015 by Austin Travis County Integral Care. The public log may be accessed here

New Hours for Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)
On Thursday, October 1, 2015 Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) at 56 East Avenue changed to an Urgent Care service for mental health crises. Click here for additional information.

Upcoming Mental Health First Aid Training
Want to learn how you can help someone in a mental health crisis? Learn how by taking one of our upcoming Adult or Youth Mental Health First Aid classes.

New Mental Health Crisis Center 
Austin Travis County Integral Care is developing a new type of mental health crisis service for our community. Stakeholders in Travis County worked together over many years to identify the types of services our community needs and prioritized this level of care as critical to our continuum of services. A series of frequently asked questions intended to provide more information about the project is available here.

Housing First Oak Springs
Housing First Oak Springs LLC, a subsidiary of Austin Travis County Integral Care, is developing the new construction project, the Housing First Oak Springs facility which will be the first of its kind in Travis County. It will be a multi-story apartment building with co-located services, developed on the principles of Housing First, an evidenced-based, whole-health treatment approach designed to address the needs of homeless individuals with mental illness. For more information about the new facility, click here.

Substance Use Report
In recognition of National Recovery Month, Austin Travis County Integral Care is pleased to present the Travis County Plan for Substance Use Disorders, available here. Since December 2013, Integral Care has led a diverse group of community stakeholders to assess and elevate the visibility of substance use impacts in Travis County. This collaboration enabled development of the plan, one step in an ongoing effort to continue improving services and supports for people affected by substance use disorder.

New Mental Health Resource Site for Texans
There's a new website developed by the HHS System Office of Mental Health Coordination that provides Texans with mental health information and resources. It has a treatment locator, mobile apps, an events calendar and a list of important numbers like 2-1-1 (to connect to local mental health resources) and the Veteran's Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255). For questions regarding the website, please send inquiries to: MentalHealthTX@hhsc.state.tx.us

Children's Mental Health Planning
Click here to view the new Travis County Plan for Children's Mental Health.

Military Veteran Peer Network
The Military Veteran Peer Network connects veterans and their families to local state and national resources through and active group of veteran peers. Integral Care is a provider within the MVPN. If you're a veteran, and you'd like to learn more, click the image below to learn more.

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