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African American Family Conference

African American Family Conference

Location and Contact Information

Robert T. Chapa Administration Building
Office Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM
1430 Collier St.
Austin, Texas 78704
Take Capital Metro Transit Bus Route 5
P: 512-447-4141
F: 512-440-4081

"Reach Out 2000" was the theme of the inaugural conference in November 11, 2000. The conference was born from Austin Travis County Integral Care's strategic plan, which incorporated diversity initiatives from the 1999 Surgeon General's Report. Research indicates that the November 2000 conference was the first conference of its type in Texas, and only the third in the United States (the other 2 conferences were held in Washington DC and Ohio).

Integral Care took the first step towards dispelling myths about mental illnesses and health disparities by hosting the inaugural conference with culturally appropriate information for African Americans. The conference targets the African American community and embraces all members of the community regardless of race.

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