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Health Integration Project

Health Integration Project

Location and Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 8 AM – 5 PM
North: 825 E. Rundberg Ln.
Austin, Texas 78753
Take Capital Metro Transit Bus Route 10
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
South: 1631 E 2nd St., Bldg D
Austin, Texas 78702
Take Capital Metro Transit Bus Route 17

P: 512-804-3902

The Health Integration Project (HIP) is a collaborative effort between Integral Care and CommUnityCare. HIP enables consumers without a primary care physician to receive primary medical care at Integral Care facilities.  Consumers can achieve both improved physical and behavioral health by concurrently addressing their expressed needs. For years, physical and mental health treatment has been provided in separate locations and systems. HIP is a new evidence-based model that uses a person-centered approach developed from research supporting the integration of health care.

HIP’s medical team is responsible for providing primary care and comprehensively addressing multiple areas of need including psychological, physical, vocational, social, financial, and spiritual needs. The team consists of a primary care team, led by Dr. David Vander Straten, primary care physician; Alice Kelly, medical assistant; Elizabeth Dimitry, registered nurse; and Sophia Turrubiarte, scheduler

Who is eligible?

Consumers must meet eligibility criteria for HIP enrollment, which is determined by referral from an Integral Care case manager.

Additional HIP Services

The HIP program also offers additional programs and services for eligible consumers. This includes:

  • Integrated peer support programming, including 1:1 transportation support, 1:1 volunteer support, and peer-led wellness group programming;
  • A consumer forum input on the various Integral Care services;
  • Integrated community fitness and nutrition programs;
  • CPR and First-Aid training;
  • Coordination with local hospital systems to securely share consumer information for treatment.

¹ Morbidity and Mortality in People with Serious Mental Illness. 2006. National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Medical Directors Council.

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