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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We developed Integral Care's vision and mission in response to feedback taken from over 30 focus groups and meetings with interested individuals and employees throughout a three-month period. More than 250 people, including consumers, family members, employees, and a broad array of community stakeholders (individuals and groups), provided feedback to independent, third-party facilitators during this process. To view the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan, click here.


Healthy Living for Everyone


Integral Care’s mission is to improve the lives of people affected by behavioral health and developmental and/or intellectual challenges.


Integral Care will strive to uphold core values related to people, integrity, excellence and leadership

People:Integral Care’s greatest strength is people – our consumers, their families, our staff and the community. We promote a culture built on trust, respect, teamwork, communication, creativity and collaboration in an environment that fosters equal opportunity for everyone.

Integrity: Integral Care delivers on its promises and is accountable for its performance by working towards open and honest dialogue with consumers and staff, while cooperating within and across organizations to deliver the most positive outcomes. Transparent communication is critical to integrity.

Excellence: Integral Care is committed to excellence by providing services using evidence-based best practices in the most cost-effective, timely, safe and collaborative manner. This involves performance improvement, serving with dignity and respect and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Leadership: Integral Care courageously confronts challenges through advocacy to increase public awareness and by building support for a community that meets the behavioral health and IDD needs of individuals and families. This is closely linked to ensuring comprehensive and targeted public policy that serves consumer needs.


Strategic Imperatives

Integral Care’s Strategic Imperatives bring greater focus to its work. Developed from the Strategic Planning community input process, Strategic Imperatives shape immediate priorities and reflect Integral Care’s priority areas. They are cross-cutting principles to employ strategies to achieve goals, but do not preclude other critical or emerging issues. Strategic Imperatives will be used to guide policies, current program and resource allocations.

Cultural competency is a system of knowledge, behaviors and policies that meets the needs of diverse populations through specific clinical standards, skills, service approaches and communication programs that match a consumer’s culture and increase the quality and appropriateness of health care and outcomes.

Network development is a system of interconnected services to provide a seamless continuum of care and treatment for consumers and their families. Collaborative partnerships leveraging resources are essential to extending access to and availability of services to the full continuum of care.

Performance measurement and management is the process of evaluating care for improvements and to demonstrate and communicate the effectiveness of treatment and service systems. This is essential to improving the quality of health care as well as outcomes.

Technology and data integration ensure that decisions and priorities are based on the most comprehensive and accurate information available. Technology and data integration reduces a need for duplicative data and consolidates information, technology, platforms and software.

Workforce quality and retention is the commitment to support and maintain skilled, compassionate professionals, employees and volunteers to accomplish Integral Care’s mission. An experienced, high-quality workforce promotes excellence in services through continuity of care, consumer-directed treatment, use of best practices and system knowledge.


Joint Comission