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Location and Contact Information

Mon-Fri, 8 AM – 5 PM
1430 Collier St.
Austin, Texas 78704
P: 512-440-4086
F: 512-445-7745

Integral Care takes pride in providing quality services to our community. Should you feel a need to express concerns, questions or other commentary, contact Integral Care’s Ombudsman at feedback@integralcare.org. The Ombudsman is responsible for receiving and investigating allegations or rights violations and serving as the contact person with the Department of Family and Protective Services regarding the investigation of allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation, with the exception of substance use and specialized services. 

Notices prominently displayed in all Integral Care programs provide contact information for Interal Care’s Ombudsman Office. Consumers or their advocates may submit complaints to the Ombudsman or contact the Committee (Volunteers on Your Side) at 512-445-7718.

How it Works

Program complaints and concerns are referred through the agency for administrative review and addressed through plans of correction on an as needed basis. The Ombudsman responds to complaints, questions, and suggestions related to consumer rights issues, and assists in facilitating the resolution of consumer complaints. The Ombudsman is also responsible for developing training curriculums for staff regarding consumer rights, the prevention of abuse, neglect and exploitation, and for providing training in conjunction with the Human Resources Department. In addition, the Ombudsman reviews, and recommends revisions as necessary, to any program rules or procedures which may have impact on consumer rights.

The Ombudsman follows established policies and procedures that are based on applicable laws and regulations. Documentation is maintained regarding complaints, allegations, and investigations and is routed according to established policies and procedures. In addition, summarized data are reported through the agency as appropriate.

What to Expect

Once a complaint is received, the Ombudsman will clarify the issue with the complainant usually within 24-48 business hours. The Ombudsman makes every effort to answer complaints and respond immediately. A thorough investigation will be made if deemed necessary by the Ombudsman along with follow up with appropriate employees to resolve complaint. All efforts are made to communicate progress and follow up with the consumer. For more detailed information, please contact feedback@integralcare.org.

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