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Staff Login

Staff Login

Citrix Application Launcher (AZ Central and All Other Software) Login

Click  here  to access the Citrix Application Launcher.  (For External users only.  Users connected via air card, home users, contract providers, and other remote connections.)


Individual Logins for Web-Based Software Using an Internet Browser

OutlookWebmail After you have been converted to Outlook, use your Email address as firstname.lastname@integralcare.org and regular network login ID and password when prompted.

CMBHS Your username (usually your first initial and middle initial followed by your last name) and password are provided by your CMBHS Security Administrator.

Relias Learning Your username and password are provided by the Human Resource Development Office.

e3 Portal: Timesheets/Benefits/Leave Your username and password are provided by the Human Resources Employee Benefits Manager.

AFLAC Your username (usually the first letter of your first name plus the first letter of your last name plus the last five digits of your SSN) and password are provided by the Human Resources Employee Benefits Manager.

Incident Reporting As of October 2014 Incident Reports have changed and two different sign-in URLs are available.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)  No login required.



Employee Suggestion Box Allows employees to recommend positive organizational changes

Special Funding Requests for Unbudgeted Unallowable Expenditures Form

Digital Messaging Monitors Submission Form and Guidelines Allows employees to submit or request specific media content to be displayed on the Digital Messaging Monitors located in various Integral Care facilities.

Joint Comission