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Strategic Plan

The rapidly changing health care environment presents the need to innovate and adjust business practices and services in order to meet the needs of our community and improve the lives of people affected by behavioral health and developmental and intellectual challenges. As Integral Care begins a new fiscal year and celebrates our 50th year of providing care in our community, we also begin implementing a new strategic plan for fiscal years 2017 to 2019. The plan serves as our guide for the years to come and builds on the successes of recent years, such as our work providing integrated care in local school districts and our collaboration with first responders to better address psychiatric crises, diverting people from jails and emergency resources and helping them access community-based services.

The foundational principles of operational excellence, innovation, and community leadership guide this strategic plan and flow through each of the plan’s three goals. We recognize that operational excellence is the foundation upon which all other efforts must be based in order to successfully carry out our mission. We seek and employ innovative strategies that improve the health outcomes of individuals and families. We are committed to leading efforts to broadly address the needs of people with behavioral health disorders and intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community. To access the full plan, click here. See below for more information about our goals.



Operational excellence is achieved through strong and responsive systems, staffing, and infrastructure that support current and potential initiatives.
  • Strengthen and invest in process improvements, and improve operational accountability and internal collaboration.
  • Invest in and leverage state-of-the-art information technology.
  • Strengthen systems, tools, training, and compensation in order to recruit and retain world class talent.
  • Ensure long-term financial viability.
  • Provide facilities that meet the needs of the changing demographics of the community and potential new clients.



Improved health outcomes are achieved through implementation of high quality services and continuous innovation.
  • Increase access to services.
  • Make available evidence-based services and promising practices that meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Determine feasibility and sustainability of expansion to other service populations and/or provider services.
  • Leverage collaborations to improve health outcomes.
  • Assure an innovative and evidence-based array of services that will support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to live in the community.



Integral Care leads the community to ensure knowledge of and engagement around the issues of behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Plan for the current and future needs of the community.
  • Raise awareness, decrease stigma, and support access across the community.
  • Build support for Integral Care’s mission and key initiatives.


View full Strategic Plan here.

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